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We deeply understand how essential it is to have good sounding beats for your next album or single. If the audio sounds good when coming out of the speakers then you there is a high chance that more people will like the song. No one can resist amazing sounding vocals accompanied by a jaw dropping beat. We strive t upload amazing sounding beats to our beat store that have the potential to become hit songs. We highly encourage you to properly ,market songs in order for you to realise the  funds that will break even and bring in the profit from  your investment. Kindly visit our beat licence page too. 


If you cannot find a beat that you like from the beat store page and you do have a stunning idea in mind, be free to contact us for a custom made beat. Be sure to send as much details as you can about your idea. We will work closely with you and send rough drafts of beats that closely match what you have in mind. Once you are happy with final draft, we will then turn it into a fully finished project. Be free to let us know in advance if you need some more custom made beats in future. This helps us in knowing your  taste in music and makes the process even fatser. 


The best thing about being a DJ is about making people happy. Djing is not about choosing a few tunes . Its about generating shared moods, its about understanding the feelings of a group of people and directing them to a better place. We would like to make your event a memorable one by playing the tunes that the audience can relate to. Its all about the love for music and the passion we have for it. We highly encourage you to tell us much details a s you can about your event. This  helps in making us prepare the music that will perfectly blend in with the theme of your event. 

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12 years of being involved in the music production process. We truly have a passion for audio engineering.

We provide high quality instrumentals that you can use  for your next hit song.  There is a custom made beat service within our portfolio that caters for those who have an idea in mind and want a banging beat to turn their ideas into a full song.  

Mac Velzz is dedicated to provide DJ services that suite type of event you are preparing to host. We play all genres and wide range of events like corporate events, product launches, promotional events etc. We also serve our clients with mixing and mastering services. We deeply understand how important it is to have a song that is professionally mixed and mastered. The mixing and mastering process is all done using the industry standard Waves plugins. 

Sharing the knowledge is essential for the next generation of Music Producers, Audio Engineers  and DJs. We do provide courses for music production and Djing. These courses help you to craft the sound that your hear in our beat and to play as professional DJ.  


We are willing to go the extra mile in making sure that our services exceed your expectations. We offer instrumentals that you can purchase based on the licence you choose. DJ services are also available and we do use industry standard equipment to play the music at your event.  Visit our mixes page to get the links for mixes and enjoy music form any part of the world. We do have courses that help will help you be a professional DJ and produce music like how the Professionals do it.  

 Tired of lifeless mixes and want your songs to sound like the hit songs you hear on radio? Contact us now and get a quote for our mixing and mastering services. . 


Our shop has some cool items  for all seasons. Grab your Mac Velzz branded item from the shop and be part of the movement. We deliver at your door step if you are in Dubai and do ship to your country if you are outside Dubai .

Beat store

We do have some instrumentals for independent artists who need to take their career to the next level. The genres include Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Trapsoul, Afro Beats, Tropical Beats, Dancehall etc.

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We are available to answer everything you would like to know about our services. Go ahead and reach out us we would like to know more about. 

Without music life would be a mistake.

Music just produces a kind of pleasure which Human nature cannot do without. The purpose of music is release us from the tyranny of conscious thought. 


“Music, at its essence, is what gives us memories. The longer a song has existed in our lives the more memories we have of it.” 

-Stevie Wonder

INSTRUMENTALs, Custom Instrumentals, Music Production courses, DJ Courses, Mixing and Mastering services.

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