We have instrumentals for artists who looking for that spark to start anew song or a beat that just blends in with an idea you already have. The genres of the instrumental are Hip Hop, R&B, Pop , Trap soul, Afro Beats, Raggaeton , Dance-hall etc

dj services

This service is dedicated to make your event a memorable one. We do play all genres and we do a detailed preparation of compiling songs that suite the type of event you are planning to host. Contact us and get a quote for this service. 


mixing and mastering

Mixing is the process of combining multiple layers of audio together and make sure they sound when played together. Mastering is the final stage of polishing the sound. We can help in making your music sound good. 


custom instrumentals

Have you ever walked into coffee shop and could not find anything you liked on the menu but you just love what they serve? Well if you cannot find an instrumental that you like from our beat store but you just like our sound. Contact us for a quote. 


Music Production Courses

Want to do all the music creation in the comfort of your own home? We are more than happy to show you how the music created. Be sure sure to visit our Music Production courses page to learn more about this service. 


DJ Courses

Everyone  has got a list of their favourite songs and want to share them with world. Anyone who wants to explore this awesome profession of DJing is more than welcome to be part of the class. DJing is fun once you master how to deliver the songs to an audience. 



Enjoy our our mixes from the mixes page and you tube page. We play some cool songs. Every week we post Mixes crafted in our studio in Dubai. Enjoy the songs whilst you are doing your laundry, cleaning the house or at work with your colleagues. 


Our shop has some Mac Velzz branded items for you all who support us and would like to push our brand and spread it across the world. We deliver to your door step if you are in Dubai and ship to your country if you are outside Dubai. 

Want to be a professional DJ? Join our DJ classes.