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Dubai Breakfast Mix

This mix is meant to make you start your day in a good mood as you have your breakfast before you go to work or school in the morning. This mix is uploaded every Tuesday at ( 06:00 Gulf Standard Time) on our YouTube channel. We try to accommodate all of the popular Genres like Arabic sounds, R&B, Bollywood songs, House, Disco, Dance etc. 


Dubai Weekend Mix

The weekend mixes have all your favourite genres like the amazing Arabic sounds, Bollywood songs., dance, Trance, House. The weekend mixes get you into that summer feeling which is best for the weekend vibe. We just want you to dance and be happy during the weekend. The mixes are uploaded on every Thursday at GMT-(06:00) 

Dubai Breakfast Mix - Afro Beats

Every Tuesday at GMT-(06:00 Gulf Standard Time) we upload this podcast on our YouTube channel. The main purpose of the mix is to help create the mood for you to start the day in a good mood. You listen to the podcasts whilst you driving, working, doing your laundry etc. The percussive sounds of African origin will give you that good feeling that will last the whole day. 

Dubai Weekend Mix-Afro Beats

You know it time to dance as soon as the banging Afro Beats drop. We just want you to be happy and have the best weekends ever by listening to our mixes. Music unites people and that is the reason why we strive to make the best mixes.  Be sure to visit our YouTube channel every Thursday at 06:00 Gulf Standard Time. 

About the Courses

Djing is fun when you have mastered the techniques of playing music. We would like to show you how you can tell a story by the way to deliver the music to people. This course will teach you the fundamental skills and techniques required for you to be a professional DJ. We will teach you about the decks, organising music, audio quality.

Who is it for?

The course is for anyone who is passionate about DJing. Even if you are a professional DJ and you want to learn something new and meet up with other DJs you are more than welcome to join us. 

Equipment and learning environment

We use the industry standard CDJ Nexus 2000 decks. All the equipment will be provided and learning material will be provided. AT THE MOMENT WE ARE NOT TEACHING PLAYING WITH VINYL DECKS.

Types of Courses Provided.

We provide two types of DJ Courses. The Introduction to DJ module and the Advanced DJ Skills module. The introduction to DJ module has been designed for beginners and the DJ skills module is more advanced and mainly for those who have been DJing for sometime but want to learn some new skills. 

How to Join the courses

If you are interested in taking the courses send us an email and we will get back to you with date for you to start the course. We will send you an email with our banking details as we require the payment to be made first before you commence your desired course. 

Tailor - made courses

If you have been playing for a while and would like to learn something new as a DJ feel free to contact us. Sharing knowledge is the way to go in order to give the world the best shows ever. 

What You Will Learn

Introduction to Djing Module

-Equipment Overview

– Music File Formats

-Beat Matching


– Transforming 

– Cueing & Drop Mixing

-Programming Mixes

-Recording  mixes.

– Rekordbox (Export Mode)

Advanced DJ Skills Module

-Harmonic Mixing – 

-Mixed in Key Software and Camelot notation.

-Creative Use of Effects

– Scratching Techniques.

– Looping

-External Effects

– Producing a Radio Mix

– Hot Ques

– Acapella Mixing

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